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Coming January 2020 El Paso, Texas / Washington D.C. 

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Thank you Republica de Mexico! Ambassador Bárcena for visiting Arizona Sur!

Lydia Aranda Anbassador Martha Bárcena Republic of Mexico in Washington’s DC

“Education is stronger then a standing army!” 

E. Everett

University of Arizona President Robbins UofA and Lydia Aranda HSF.Net Arizona

Regina Romero Beth Castro Lydia Aranda Latina Leaders Lideres #USMCA

Kate Gallego Mayor of Phoenix Lydia Aranda Former Wells Fargo Vice President

Ambassador Raul of NCLR National Council de la Raza / UNIDOSUS& Lydia Aranda

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President of LULAC NATIONAL Domingo Garcia and Lydia Aranda

Breaking Through for Young Latinas

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Governor Ducey 9th floor Arizona leadership southern Arizona Lydia Aranda appointee Small Business HBSA Arizona Sur usmca

Bring your Governor, Mayor, City Council or Elected Officials into acculturation and the stream of diversity! Make cultural diversity work FOR your organization! 

Join National Leaders Like Anna Chavez CEO Girl Scouts USA (former) in Celebrating Diversity!

Viva Ana Chavez! 
CEO Girl Scouts Washington D.C.

Highlight your region, city or organization by bringing a national convention or initiative to your backyard! 

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Karla Morales University of Arizona & Magda Verdugo of CPLC

Special thanks! Joe Snell! Viva Alicia Nuñez, Chief Financial Officer CPLC , University of Arizona Karla Morales y Magda Verdugo of CPLC y Dominic Ortega!

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Raul Aguirre Lydia Aranda REA media

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Lydia Aranda Of Dallas Wins NBCUniversal Foundation Award

NBCUniversal Foundation Awards $100,000 to DFW Non-Profits to Support Secondary Education

Dallas/Fort Worth (July 27) – The NBCUniversal Foundation today awarded $100,000 in grants to five non-profit organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improving public secondary education.

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Women's Empowerment 2018

Winner Comments

Ely Flores commented, “This is a great opportunity to offer our students a platform for peer support and at the same time helping them complete goals – graduating high school, college, and becoming community leaders.” His current work includes developing a program for 16-24 year olds struggling to finish school. By partnering with Youthbuild USA, Ely is developing home groups that provide space for young people to empower both them

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NBC Producer & Author Nelly Galan discusses Latina CEO's

Dubbed the “Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine, Nely Galán is a women's empowerment advocate, an Emmy Award–winning television producer, and the owner of Galán Entertainment, a dynamic, multicultural media company that has created more than seven hundred television shows in English and Spanish.

Lydia Aranda speaks at women's conference on bridging the DACA community. Coming soon...

About the NHCC by Art Ruiz, Member (Retired)

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